Account Management Shortcuts

Solve A Problem / FAQ

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Q. How do I place a bid? Learn more about proxy bidding.

A. Click the 'Bid Now' button next to the item you're interested in. Enter your bid amount or set up a Proxy Bid. The system will automatically bid on your behalf up to your maximum limit, only increasing if someone else places a bid below your maximum.

Q. Will I get notified when I've been outbid?

A. Yes, you will receive an email notification. You can also check your current bids under the “My Account Home” section.

Q. What happens when I win an item?

A. You'll receive an email invoice with details of your purchase including pickup times and location, and a contact for any questions.

Invoice and Pickup

Q. I did not receive an invoice?

A. Invoices are automatically generated post-auction. Ensure is in your email contacts to avoid spam filters. See here for help with different email clients.

Q. What if I cannot make the pickup?

A. Contact the auction manager or the person on your invoice to discuss alternatives. Note that on-site sales may limit alternative pickup options. Invoices must be paid before the end of pickup time to avoid suspension of bidding privileges. You can send someone on your behalf with prior notification.

Q. Can I view the items before I make a bid?

A. Previews are sale-specific. Contact us for more information, especially for in-home sales where item access may be limited.